Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE700IILike computers that allow transfers or use of different software products via media players USBs, the Brother PE700II Embroidery Machine with USB Port also does. Aside from its limitless embroidery design capacities and use, it is also among the best designs of embroidery machines in its line.

It has the complete navigation soft touch buttons on its side body, offering fast and easy management. A spool case for easy replacement and embroidery hoop is also featured in this limited model. LED illumination is also concentrated on the work area for better visuals, thus more convenient pattern following.


  • USB Port connection
  • Auto threading lever
  • Easy replace spool over a ready to open spool case
  • Soft touch-screen LCD and buttons
  • Illuminated stop and start button
  • Illuminated work area and bobbin cavity
  • Available embroidery hoop connector

This machine makes every embroidery task fun and easy. With its simple but very clear design, there is no confusion on the use of the machine. Just by looking and identifying the buttons and parts of the well-crafted USB-capable embroidery machine, any user can be able to navigate it without confusion. Still, it is best to consult its manual especially on the first use to ensure faultless functions.

Given the features above, there will be little—if there is—flaws in the design and configuration of Brother PE700II. But if it is the performance and the specifications, the device is almost flawless. With proper use and maintenance, this will make for a viable device on a specialty business or an enthusiast’s hobby.


  • Comprehensive and clear craftsmanship
  • Complete specifications
  • User-friendly
  • Compact, comfortable add-on to a table top
  • USB capable for limitless designing purposes


  • Still heavy for a modern device

This is one of the best buys in the line up of Brother’s machines. It would make a great addition to a clothing business or specialty wardrobe designing club. For those that are into the fashion world, this is also a good addition to designer’s collection items.

For people who love making their own line of wardrobes and home decors, Brother PE700II will offer limitless boundaries to one’s artistic mood.

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